I help real estate agents close more deals and make MORE money through effective marketing & audience building

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Broker looking to get RESULTS? Are you nervous that changes in the industry may disrupt your lead flow (and livelihood)?  Realtor.com and Zillow are after a bigger piece of the pie, and are moving toward charging a referral fee, rather than per lead.  Are you ready for that?

My name is Tom Beem and I help real estate professionals CLOSE MORE DEALS by helping agents position themselves as the dominant voice of real estate in their markets. (Decreasing your need to rely on vendors selling cold leads or taking a percentage of your commission.) 


If you’re ready to position yourself as go-to real estate estate in your community; if you’re ready to build a custom pipeline of prospects that ‘know, like, and trust’ you personally!  I would be honored to explore making this shift with you. Please click the link below.

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