Tom Beem

You see, most dental practices treat their Google My Business listing like a generic yellow pages ad. 

Set it and forget it.

Maybe they’ll respond to reviews every now and then.

(Or have a good old fashioned freak-out if someone leaves a bad review.)

Here’s what they don’t know:

There’s some tweaks you can make.

These tweaks transform Google My Business from a sputtering engine to one you’d find inside a super car.

Some of those tweaks:

1️⃣ Increasing location signals.
2️⃣ Improving topic relevance.
3️⃣ Maximizing engagement.

(And quite a few others.)

When done right – these simple tweaks can:

✅ Increase your traffic.
✅ Get the phone ringing.
✅ Send (a lot) more patients.

You can try figuring this out by yourself.

(Through trial and error.)

Or you can connect with me to discuss how to quickly grow your business – all without ads.