Facebook is a growing platform for digital marketers, and one of the fastest growing for online ads. The reason for this growth is because Facebook allows advertisers to do what was never a possibility before – speak directly to their audience, or said another way – Target their audience.  

The goal of marketing is to connect with the right audience AT the right time.  That is when you can really connect with your prospective customers.

But what if there was a way to do that, right now?  Well, there is.

Facebook allows you to select a target audience and Facebook has a very powerful algorithm to further guide you to reach the right folks.

The Structure of Facebook Ads and How They Deliver Value

Today consumers are sophisticated and know they are being marketed too.  In fact, they are bombarded with thousands of ads per day. So before we just in, let’s talk about content strategy.  This is where you get to show off your information, you get to demonstrate your competency via information, such as podcast, product, info guide, video tutorial, etc.

Your content strategy builds trust, and you will only ever be as good as your content.  So be sure yours is valuable, accurate, and actionable.

Now that we’ve set that foundation, let’s discuss getting your content in front of your audience via Facebook Ads.

Step One – Gather data.  You need to get in front of the right folks at the right time, so it’s much more critical that you understand who your ideal customer is. Traditional marketers didn’t really need to drill down deep….put a billboard, and whoever sees it – sees it. But it doesn’t work that way on Facebook.

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You must become a ninja in gathering data, as this information will show you who your audience is.  However, there is no short cut here. You’ll have to put in the work. In the beginning, you’ll be running ads to get data.  You want to see, who is responding to your ads – this is your market.

Facebook Targeting is More Powerful than The Incredible HULK

For you Marvel fans, this may seem impossible, but the ability to target your audience combined with the FB algorithm is the secret sauce.

When you run ads on Facebook you can go in and set ‘initial parameters.’.  When you set these, this is known as targeting. The better you target, the more likely it is for your message to resonate with your audience.

Offer relevant, insightful content, and those that consume, comment, and like, are your audience.  As you gather data, you build your audience. As your audience grows, you have a group of individuals that are more statistically likely to be interested in your products or services.

Facebook Offers 3 Audience Types – Custom, Lookalike, and Saved Audiences

As you build and launch your ads, you can target your ideal customer.  Once you do, Facebook and the Facebook Pixel can track who you reach, and who interacts with your messaging.  Then you can re-market or re-target this audience.

This is where you interact with cold traffic, but then they react to you and then become warm traffic.  From there you can re-target them with ads later.

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Showing your ads to these folks, and further re-targeting allows you to 10x your results and will change your marketing game.  This is not possible with traditional marketing, not in any way. Yellow Pages got nothing on re targeting.

Know Your Customer & You’ll Dominate Your Market

Often small business owners will incorrectly target traffic, or unknowingly target the wrong traffic.  There are three distinct levels of traffic – cold, warm, and hot.

Cold traffic (folks that have never heard of you) should only be shown your broad/brand message.  You are trying to get them to engage. To see if they would want more from you, or be generally interested in what you have to offer.  When they interact with you, they become warm traffic.

From there, warm traffic should receive your content.  You should provide relevant, local, and helpful info, tips, and tricks to show your worth.  If they interact again, they become your hot traffic, and these are the folks you are after – your audience.

These are the folks that are statistically likely to be interested in working with you, your services, or to hire you.  This is the audience you’ll want to show your ads too.

These ads will show your expertise in your niche, and highlight your services/products.  Maybe you have special offers that can be made to this audience, especially nice for first-time purchases.

This is how a great Facebook ad campaign is run.  Are you running ads yet? If not, why? This is your time…go for it!  And good luck. Hit me up HERE for any assistance.