If you have tried Facebook Ads before and they didn’t work, know that you are not alone.  Many others tried and failed. Often for different reasons, but I have seen some specific trends.  Or rather, should I say, I’ve seen a lot of mistakes.

Running a successful Facebook Ads campaign is like using a classical instrument.  It has to be used correctly to make beautiful music. You can’t just start pounding on a grand piano and expect Beethoven to come out.  You have to use the instrument in the correct way for it to produce your song – just like now you must know how to use Facebook’s algorithm. If you want to know how to get real estate listings on Facebook, then take a look below at some specific ideas.

Run Lead Ads

Your personal Facebook page will not get you there….or at least not quickly.  And normally, I don’t recommend simply boosting a page, you can test it, but the data I see shows little return on that investment.

Instead, run a correctly target Sellers Campaign.  There are lots of different types: Buyers, Sellers, FSBO, Expired Listing, Open House, New Listings campaigns, etc, but to get more listings you’ll need to run and optimize a – Sellers Campaign.   

In this, you’ll need to use copy specifically relating to the homeowner.  Sellers have an extra set of concerns, then just buyers.

Let Facebooks Algority Do the Work For You

Part of why you should run ads on Facebook is because of the ability to target your audience.  This is referred to as ‘interruption marketing’ where you get to connect with a target audience.  However, you need to allow Facebooks algorithm room to move around. If you enter in your initial parameters and reduce that down to too small an audience – your ad won’t perform well.

The only reason you can even enter any parameters is that Facebook needs to know where to start.  

39 Celsius has some great tips here, as does this article on Inman. 

Failed Due to Poor Follow Up

Have your Facebook ads failed before?  Was it the leads, or perhaps did you not have a process in place to properly follow up with your leads.

Did you know that with internet leads, follow up is recommended within 30 seconds?  Why do you ask? Because if you can be the first to talk to your prospect, you are in a much better position to land them as clients.  Also, they are in front of the computer/phone still thinking about this. Their motivation will be easier to figure out, as something, at that moment made them fill out the lead form.

If you don’t have a solid plan in place and would like one, reach out to me here.

Use Custom Audiences

Facebook will allow you to re-market to those that have interacted with your posts, videos, and website (use the pixel). Re-marketing to those that are familiar with you, or at least have clicked on your information before will be a big advantage. It allows you more control over how you spend your marketing dollars.

These audiences can also be replicated, and reproduced by Facebook for you, as you can ask Facebook to find you other similar audience to the once you know that is working.