When it comes to real estate, no matter who you are, or where you came from – everyone starts at the beginning.  So no matter whether you have just started, and if you have closed 100 deals, below are some items that will teach you how to be successful in real estate sales, and keep this industry in perspective.

Real Estate Agents ARE Marketers

You are in the marketing game now!  What I mean is, as a real estate professional your livelihood now depends upon your ability to attract prospects, and convert them to clients.

In addition, you will have to get your sellers home in front of a large audience of possible/qualified buyers.

I’m sure you’re thinking, none of this was involved in getting your license – and your right.  That was mostly contract law, ethics, and making sure you don’t cross the line anywhere along the way.

So understand, you are an agent AND a marketer.

Invest in Yourself

The old adage is true ‘if you don’t invest in your self then no one else will.’  Along the way, there will be things you don’t know. You may need to seek out counsel/training/mentorship to speed up your learning.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself on a team, then pick their brains for all you can.  You may find that other agents, especially successful agents – they aren’t the most helpful.  Handing over a full blueprint for success usually isn’t in their DNA. And that is because YOU are their competitor.  

So seek out training from others who know, and invest in yourself.

Pick a Niche

If you are just starting out or struggling to make a name for yourself, carve out a very specific niche.  This may seem like the wrong thing to do, but it’ll really define you.

An example, if you’re in a crowded room and you start yelling…hey everyone, listen to me….you’ll probably not get anyone’s attention.  BUT if you yell….excuse me, who is a master carpenter?

Trust me, for those that are, you will get their attention.  The same is true in real estate. If you’re like: I do everything, for everyone, everywhere.  Well, you’re a generalist, and you will always struggle. But if you like: I specialize in selling townhomes in Annapolis, MD.  That will resonate better with your audience.

Target Communities, NOT zip codes

What is mean is, you must speak to members of a community, because folks always self-identify will various groups.  So if you’re an agent in Annapolis, MD you’ll want to target the Naval Academic and midshipmen, and community groups related to what those folks are interested in.  

You can not reverse engineer it, and simply work to target a few zip codes.  This is also true with ads.

Also, here are a few more tips from a recent Forbes.

Stop Relying on Antiquated Sales Tactics

Gone are the days of knocking on doors, cold calls, mailers, and other similar methods of prospecting.  Not that they don’t work (they will if you stick with it), but most agents do not have the stomach to stick to cold calls, or have the real budget you need to make mailers profitable.

Looks toward digital marketing, leverage social media, and build your brand online.  If you have any questions, please connect with me here.