What many real estate agents, brokers, and real estate teams fail to consider when marketing online is that there are three specific phases of any online marketing campaign.  These three distinct phases are each important to the success in your Facebook campaigns. Do them incorrectly, or skipping a step will lead your campaign to struggle or fail entirely.

View this as if you’ll be taking your audience on a journey.  The goal is to take a cold audience through three specific steps, each step in order, and completing all three: the first allows them to get to know you, the next gets them to like you, and final step gets them to become a loyal fan, and possibly client/customer.

This process is as much for you, and your ads.  You want to connect with an ideal audience. This process allows you to weed out all the individuals that that are not a good fit for your business, and this refinement will allow you higher converting campaigns.

Your ads will likely have a specific audience and target market.  So this sequence allows you to really target this segment of your audience.  Becuase if you’re targeting baby boomers seeking to buy a second home on the beach at a price of around 350k, then you don’t want first-time home buyers with a budget of over 150k mixed in.  

Marketing can be a bit like deep sea fishing, you must have the right bait to catch the right fish.  Just like you’ll need the right content to get the attention of your audience. But you must also be fishing in the right place, which means you’ll need the right bait and be in the right spot to catch fish. Just like in the 3 steps to your Facebook ad traffic phases.

Phase One – Cold Traffic – And How to Warm It Up

Most agents who find new clients will first have these folks come to them via their sales funnel as cold traffic.  Think of cold traffic as that person who caught your eye at the bar.

You probably wouldn’t go right over, and ask to go out on a date – unless you’re braver than me.  More likely, you’ll go over and make small talk, or buy that person another drink. You will try and relate to that person, and see what things you may have in common.

Facebook ads work in the very same way.  Your aim should be to get to know someone first because your next goal is for them to trust you.

But how can you get to someone via Facebook ads, simply: provide value.  Typically this is done with the information. You can of this phase as informing, educating, and (maybe) entertaining.  However, there is a very fine line not to cross when being funny. I’d recommend restraint here, and everyone is different with humor.

The aim here is to wake up your audience, and see who you’re interacting with, and who has visited your pages, and/or view your stuff.  Facebook has a pixel that can track it all.

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Phase Two – Warm Traffic & how to make it lighting hot

Now that you have an audience that is enjoying and consuming your content, and your message is resonating, it’s time to take action. This is where you can go further, and take them to the next logical step in the sales funnel.

You want to now provide more specific value, likely in the form of webinars, videos, lead magnets, PDF’s etc.  Also, you can offer your time to answer questions, and help them 1 on 1.

There are two really important parts to phase two: Retargeting and more deeply understand the needs of your core audience.  The more you understand, the deeper your message can resonate.

Facebook allows you to track every single person that interacts with your Facebook ads and who visits your website/landing pages.  You can set up a custom audience using this data. To do so, you’ll need to set up the Facebook Pixel. See video below on how to do that.

Second, you want to continually work with your audience and really understand their deepest problems, because folks don’t just want to buy a house, they want to get out of a bad marriage, or better provide for their children, or relocate for work.  

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Phase Three – Hot Traffic and how to harness its power

This is where you strive to get to…..where the HOT traffic is, and it’s where folks know you and trust you.  Your audience is engaged with your content, and maybe even opted in on an email list you have.

Once folks are engaged you can move into this last phase, you can invite them to connect, or join a membership, or as if they’d like a service you provide.

This will be most effective is the content you previously provided is really aligned well with your service. Lead magnets, checklists, downloads that speak to your audience are great for this step.

So, if you’ve targeted first-time homebuyers looking at 150k or less, and a checklist of steps to improve their credit would be perfect, or a list of hot/new properties that are in their budget may work.  

Setting up a successful Facebook ad campaign doesn’t have to be difficult if you’ve followed the steps.  If you’d like support with this or to have a campaign set up for you, please connect with me HERE